St. Andrew School


Building and Grounds


St. Andrew Catholic School is located on the line between Cambria and Somerset counties.  As such, the school's unique location is representative of the rural, urban, and suburban communities that surround it and of the areas where the students live. 

Main School Building:

The main school building contains nine classrooms from kindergarten through grade 8. Each classroom contains computers, a Smart Board, a projector, a tv, many texts, reading books, and  materials to engage students in the learning process.  The main building includes a computer lab, science lab, a huge gymnasium, auditorium, cafeteria area, a speech room, a health room, several small group learning rooms, a Spanish room, the "Soaring Eagles After School Activity Room," meeting rooms, and offices.

Computer & Science Labs:

The computer and science labs are housed in the main building.  The computer lab is constantly in use by students as they hone their technology skills as well as use the computers for integration of technology into every curriculum area.  The computer lab is state of the art and fully equipped with modern technology.  The science lab houses modern equipment and many "hands on" materials for scientific experiments.   

Gym, Auditorium, and Cafeteria:

The spacious gym is located within the main school building and is used regularly for gym classes and for sports practices and sports events; it includes retractable basketball hoops with electronic scoring.  The gym facility is also a large auditorium with a stage with a state of the art sound system used for programs, concerts, and other events.  The auditorium  area has many uses; it even serves as our school cafeteria with a well-equipped kitchen where hot lunches are cooked and served on site.  Our school participates in the National School Lunch program.  Many school and community events like turkey raffles, basket parties, dinners, and other events are held in that hall. 


Our school is connected to our grand church complex.  The church seats over 1500 people comfortably, and more can be accommodated if needed.  The students need not walk outside to attend our weekly school Mass or other church functions. 

Secure and Private:

Our facilities are secure and private.  Our school is protected by security doors and cameras, and other safety features in order to provide for the safety of your child.  St. Andrew School follows all state and federal guidelines for fire and other safety drills. 

Spacious Playground and Fields:

Our spacious playground and fields are located on site with numerous uses.  The fields currently serve all outdoor sports teams and certain special events. Our playground is frequently used for lunch recess and other activities.   Our grounds and play areas are safely located behind the school and are hidden from easily accessible view.

Other Buildings:

Other buildings on the campus house the Nursery and Pre-school; the library, music and art rooms. The art room is stocked with many art supplies.  The library has high-technology equipment and many books.  The music room is full of musical instruments that make singing and music fun.


Due to the ever increasing impact of technology in our world, the teachers employ 21st century teaching strategies to enrich the curriculum in all subject areasEach classroom is safely and securely internet accessible, contains a SmartBoard, and at least one computer (more located in higher grades).  The teachers also have access to numerous iPads for use inside the classroom.  The students can use the internet, iPad, and SmartBoard technology conjointly to explore the implications of what they are learning in the classroom to the reality outside.  Students at St. Andrew School use technology for more than writing essays or completing PowerPoint presentations; our students use the available technology to learn about the environment that surrounds them in a unique way.  Technology is the way of the future, and we at St. Andrew School seek to prepare our students to be above proficient in the use of it.