St. Andrew School


Faculty and Staff

The faculty and staff at St. Andrew School are very dedicated and hardworking individuals.  All K-8 teachers are certified to teach in the state of Pennsylvania, and several hold a masters degree in their area of expertise.  All teachers may be reached by phone at (814)-288-2811, or by email; email addresses are listed below.

Name Area Email Address
Guaetta, Grace Principal
Blough, Joanne Administrative Assistant
Roxby, Melissa Pre-K
Stephens, Shannon Kindergarten
Sievers, Jill 1st Grade
Hite, Deborah 2nd Grade
Hill, Kim 3rd Grade
Kaufman, Sharon 4th Grade, English
Rininger, Deborah 5th Grade, Math 5th, 6th,7th & 8th
Ribblett, Matthew 6th Grade
Kiss, Nathan 7th Grade, Social Studies
Bell, Karen 8th Grade, Science
Rosko, Mary Technology Coordinator/ Computers
Plis, Shari Art
Bebler, Michelle Library
Wozniak, Donald Music
Krupa, Anita Physical Education
Massimo, Carol Pre-K Aid