St. Andrew School


Faith and Service

At St. Andrew School, faith leads the way!  We believe that at St. Andrew School we integrate faith and values into the lives of our students throughout all our daily activities and across all curriculum areas.  Daily prayer, religious education, faith formation, Christian service, and participation in the Mass establish a firm foundation for our Catholic faith. Our Catholic education involves teaching respect, courtesy, generosity, social concerns, and Christian service.  As such, we seek to promote these special qualities within our pupils. Teachers, staff, students, and the school community consistently model Gospel values through example, attitudes, and interactions.


The St. Andrew School children and faculty celebrate a weekly school Mass every Thursday at 10:00AM.  The students also perform many of the ministries for the Mass including singing in the choir, serving as a cantor, altar serving, preparing the readings as lectors, reading the Prayers of the Faithful, and presenting the gifts.  It is truly wonderful to see the students actively participating in the Mass and expressing their faith through this wonderful celebration. Parents and the community are welcome to attend.

Service Hours

One important aspect of our religious life at St. Andrew is our willingness to serve the faith community and others throughout our area.  Service is one way to embrace the will of God, and St. Andrew School students continually give their all to this important facet of Catholic life.   Many opportunities are offered throughout the year for students to do volunteer service hour while developing love for God and neighbor in the process.

Service Clubs

One way in which to encourage service is a service club.  At St. Andrew we offer several service clubs for your student to consider joining.  Several of the clubs are as old as the Church, such as the Altar Servers, Cantors, and the Choir.  Others are newcomers to this area.  These organizations include the Liturgy Club, which offers service around the school and in the community.

Collections and Donations

We always encourage our students to donate to worthy causes. Some of their charities include the Holy Childhood, bandage collections for a needy Jamaican clinic, food collections for St. Vincent DePaul society, baby necessities, toy collections for the Fulton Mission, donation for Tay Sachs disease, disaster relief collections, donations to cancer patients, parish prayer program, and so many more! The donations are  collected and sent to many charities throughout our area and the world.