St. Andrew School


Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a short list of frequently asked questions.  You may browse this at your own leisure.  As with all other content on this site, please feel free to Contact Us by calling 814-288-2811 or by using the Contact Us link if you need clarification or your question was not addressed here.

What is your dress code?

Boys are required to wear navy blue dress slacks, a belt, and a white long or short sleeve dress shirt. Boys must wear a navy blue tie.  Only a dress-type shoe is permitted.  A navy blue or white button or pullover sweater, or the St. Andrew Sweatshirt may be worn in the winter.  Boy’s haircuts must be neat and trimmed above the collar. 

Girls are required to wear a regulation navy blue jumper or navy dress slacks.  Girl’s blouses must be white, long or short sleeve, with button-down or rounded collars.  Leotards may be worn in winter.  Navy blue or white, button or pullover sweaters, or the St. Andrew sweatshirt may be worn in the winter.  Only a dress-type shoe is permitted.  Make up, including nail polish, large or dangling jewelry is not permitted.

Gym Attire: On days in which a student is scheduled for physical education class, he or she is to WEAR sneakers and a St. Andrew gym uniform to school.  There can be NO substitutions.  Gym attire order forms may be obtained in the school office, or by Contacting Us through this link.  The gym attire consists of either a white or navy St. Andrew polo with navy gym shorts or navy sweatpants.  All of this is further explained on the order form.

What is for lunch or breakfast today?

Please visit the daily food menus section of our website and see the menus on that page.

How to apply to St. Andrew School?

 You can call St. Andrew School at 814-288-2811 or request information

What is a Catholic education at St. Andrew?

A Catholic education at St. Andrew School ensures that your child receives an education where strong academics combine with a religious education focusing on spiritual growth that teaches about God, prayer, Sacred Scripture, sacraments, the Mass, values and service.  Our education includes teaching respect, manners, generosity, social concerns, compassion, and service to others.  Academically we focus  on core standards issued by the state and federal governments, but more importantly, we incorporate God, prayer, and faith into our daily lives. Faith and values are integrated into the strong academics and modeled by the school community across the curriculum on a daily basis.

How do I support St. Andrew School?

There are many ways in which to support St. Andrew’s mission to bring Catholic education to the children of our area.  You can recommend students and parents to this site.  You may also donate directly to St. Andrew.  Please Contact Us to enquire about giving.