St. Andrew School


Our Students


At St. Andrew School, we recognize that our students are the future!  We strive daily to meet all the needs of our students. We teach the students to recognize the importance of Christ in all aspects of life. St. Andrew School endeavors to promote spiritual, moral, social, and physical growth, as well as academic success for every student in a safe and caring environment.


The student population of St. Andrew School is composed of different races, ethnicities, and religions.  All are welcome!  As a Catholic institution, we endeavor to ensure that each student is accepted.


As a Catholic school, St. Andrew School seeks to emulate Christian values as a model for our students.  By exemplifying qualities and values such as respect, courtesy, honesty, generosity, and social concerns, we hope that our students will understand the world around them and become better citizens.


The students at St. Andrew School are readily complimented for their behavior.  We at St. Andrew School feel that discipline is important to the total development of the child.  We make every effort to ensure that each child understands the need for discipline. Discipline develops self-control, character, orderliness, and efficiency.  We try to promote discipline in a safe, nurturing, and positive environment in which students are actively engaged in the learning process and maximum learning can take place. 

After School

St. Andrew offers after school care to students and families who need extra time in school until the child is able to go home.  The after school program provides assistance to students with homework and offers a safe environment in which to study and play while waiting for a parent.

After School Care is available until 5:30 PM

  • $3.00 per hour (1 child)
  • Discounts: $5.00 per hour (2 children)