St. Andrew School


Language Arts

The Language Arts curriculum is developed using Pennsylvania State Standards and Diocesan Directives.  The curriculum is revised through whole class, small group, paired activities, and differentiated instruction as needed to meet students' needs.  The curriculum is maintained within and across the grade levels through teacher collaboration, communication, and the use of Pennsylvania State Standards.

Your students will enjoy learning language arts beginning in the primary grades, and continuing through their entire academic career.  Your students will learn to read, write, listen, speak publicly, and comprehend written materials in a unique and comfortable setting.  Your students will also enjoy several enrichment opportunities such as Forensics, the Spelling Bee, the Reading Competition, and others within Language Arts; these extracurricular activities are fully supported by our English Language Arts teachers, and others.  Your students will learn new concepts and practice them in small group settings, as a class, and as an individual.  We look forward to assisting your student achieve his or her highest level of understanding in language arts.