St. Andrew School



The mathematics curriculum is developed using Pennsylvania State Standards and Diocesan Directives.  The Mathematics curriculum enhances basic mathematical concepts and moves from very concrete numerical models through abstract mathematical ideas.  The techniques and skills acquired in our math classes are conveyed through whole class instruction, teacher modeling and real world applications, differentiated instruction, small group interaction, visual aids and textile manipulative representations, and independent practice. 

Additionally, your students have an opportunity to enhance their mathematical understanding with an enrichment opportunity we offer with the cooperation of Bishop McCort Catholic High School in Johnstown.  In eighth grade, your students will have an opportunity to attend a High School level algebra class at Bishop McCort.  Complimentary buses are then offered for students to return to St. Andrew.  This class usually counts as an equivalent high school algebra class in area schools.

Your students will enjoy learning mathematics beginning in the primary grades, and continuing through their entire academic career.  Your students will learn to add, multiply, divide, subtract, use fractions and decimals, algebraic concepts, solve word problems, explore theoretical concepts, and apply these and other models to the world outside the classroom.  We look forward to assisting your student achieve his or her highest level of understanding in mathematics.