St. Andrew School


Special Classes

There is an array of special classes offered at St. Andrew.  Each of the special classes offer a weekly enrichment to every student at every grade level.


The art room is located on campus in an adjacent brick building.  The students in all grades (including Pre-K) explore visual art and composition.  The students will use crayons, paints, glues, crafts, and other various tools and techniques to create a visual portfolio.  Students also readily complete projects for the elderly and the shut-ins as well as making cards and projects for various religious holidays that may be used to decorate or cherish for years to come.


The computer lab is state of the art with 30 modern computers available for every student, a projector, and a screen for student-centered and student-generated activities incorporating the latest technology.  The computer lab is located in the main building for easy access  to all teachers and students with its array of high technology equipment to implement into the curriculum.  The students in all grades (including Pre-K) will work with computers in various ways, employing numerous techniques.  The curriculum mainly focuses on Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint,  internet safety and security, Windows navigation, and techniques for computer assisted school work.  Students also use the computer lab to write essays, do research, and learn current events within an internet secure environment.


Guidance classes are offered to students in grades K-8.  The class curriculum focuses on the right ways to make decisions, career development, and social growth.  The students will learn these skills in a safe haven where these ideas may be discussed. 



Students in grades K-8 participate in music classes in the music room.  The students will learn musical scales, singing in harmonies, and various other musical techniques in class.  The students will have their voices as a focal point, leaving all instrument lessons to the Band director.  There is also an annual Christmas concert in which all students participate.  In addition, a talent show precedes the end of the year activities and includes students who wish to showcase musical or other talents.

Physical Education:

Students in grades K-8 also have physical education.  The curriculum will enforce motor skills, and take general well-being into account.  Christian values such as good sportsmanship, fair play, courtesy, respect, and sharing are encouraged. The students use a variety of equipment such as basketballs, hula-hoops, soccer balls, parachute activities, music, volleyball nets, scooters, and much more in class. Many other physical fitness activities tied to the SPARK fitness program are incorporated.  There is also a Field Day at the end of the year in which an Olympic-like competition is held for all students from grades K-8.


We offer a Spanish program to students in all grades (Pre-K-8), at no extra cost to you.  The students will learn conversational Spanish and be able to use it to hold conversations with one another and the teacher.  The students also learn about the various customs of Spanish-speaking countries throughout the year.  This is a great foundation to learning foreign languages.


St. Andrew School also offers instrumental band lessons to students from grades 4-8.  Students need to rent or provide instruments, but the lessons are free of charge.  All band instruments and violin lessons are available.